On Sunday, Joey preached in Monroe. He did a great job.

I slothed in a hammock all afternoon and basked in the warm, spring sun. It was fantastic. I didn’t watch any TV and I didn’t have to get jumped on by the big dogs.

By the evening, when we got home, I was ready for some serious exercise. Joey had brought home his odd-looking (but extremely cool) bike, and so we were ready to hit the streets.

I grabbed my blades, and we were off.

First of all, I need to mention that the streets around our apartment are not smooth. They have patches of extreme roughness, and tons and tons of sand and gravel.

Second of all, the reader must be aware that I only learned to rollerblade last year and I am really, really bad.

Third of all, I have only fallen once, and I didn’t really hurt myself too badly. This was last year. I figure I’m due for a good one here soon.

We were going down 3rd street(or, rather, Joey was riding his bike in circles trying not to get too far ahead of me) and I was doing great. I’d stumbled a few times, but I hadn’t fallen.

It’s such a rush to almost biff it good, but then save it at the last minute.

The road is really uneven, so it’s hard to tell if I’m really a bad blader, or if it’s the road. I hope it’s the road.

The park at the end of the street had a nice new concrete path around it, so I took a spin or two. I tried to be like the Olympic speed skaters and go super low and cross my feet over the other on corners.

I almost fell. Chad Hedrick, I am not.

Then this dumb kid couldn’t make up his mind as to which side of the walk he wanted, so I had to crash into the grass. At least I didn’t fall on my face, though.

So…I’m going to keep working on my blading. I need some serious help.

On a random note, there’s these little red bugs crawling all over my desk. They’re extremely small, kind of neon, and very annoying. Does anyone know what they are? And how do I get rid of them?