So I’m a little bit in vacation mode right now and I find myself at places like REI and Cabela’s a lot more than the average chic my age.  I’ve noticed several camping items (mostly from Cabela’s, sorry Dad) that are positively ridiculous and a major waste of money.


Camp Shower Enclosure

Several things about this apostasy.

  1. This thing weighs 23 libs.  Twenty-three.  You’d have to have a pack mule just to haul the thing in because I’m pretty sure that shower weighs more than my entire pack with all my gear for a week.
  2. If you’re going to have a shower enclosure like this, save the $129.99 and string up a tarp.  Works for us.  (We do go city-slicker, though, and have a couple of 5 gallon sun shower bags, which we string up the aforementioned tarp for.)
  3. Terrycloth towels like the one that lady is weaing are impractical when camping.  They pick up sticks and bugs like fresh flypaper in Iowa in June.  Plus they’re bulky and weigh a ton.
  4. If you intended to haul in a 23 lib shower, it seems likely that you might as well just go camp at a state park where there’s a shower in the bathhouse.  But I could be wrong.

Camping Toilet

This one only weighs 8 libs, which is not entirely bad, but for $279.99…you can dig a hole for free.

Camping Kitchen

I mean, I know it packs down small…but seriously, that thing’s a monstrosity.  I still tried to get Pops to think I wanted him to buy it for our trip.  He didn’t take the bait, though.

He’s wise to me.