“When can I have a kitty?” I asked Joey this morning.

“When we get back from Mexico,” he said, without batting an eye.

I think he really means to let me have a kitty.

I wasn’t sure I wanted one…and now I think I do.  I think I need something small and fluffy and cuddly, and Henry’s kind of looking like a rat right now due to his summer haircut.  He is small, but he’s not fluffy or cuddly anymore.  He’s a spaz and a half.


10175485-FB~Two-Kittens-One-a-White-Chinchilla-the-Other-a-British-Shorthair-Blue-PostersI’d take either one of these ones right here.

OH MY GOSH, maybe I could have for my birthday present!  Then maybe I COULD get a British Shorthair…