There are several problems with getting an all-black dog that we had not considered prior to Angus’ selection.

  • You can never be quite certain if he’s looking at you.  Or, really, if that’s even his head; especially if he’s laying down .
  • When he’s outside, it’s impossible to tell if he’s going to the bathroom. His legs blend in with his fat belly, and he’s already so low to the ground…there’s really only one way to tell.  We call it the “wetness test”, and that’s probably more than any of you wanted to know.
  • We have black rugs in the kitchen.  Angus + black rug = totally invisible.

Angus seems to be settling in pretty well, all things considered.  We’ve had one accident in the past two days (which I feel like is REMARKABLE!) and while Angus is a bit more yappy than Henry was (or at least the rosy version of him that I keep in my memory) I think we’ll be able to train it out of him.  He’s not too bad.

I’ve been trying to snap some photos of the guy but he moves too much.  And his face blends in with his fur (please see my first point above) which makes it very difficult to get a picture of his eyes.

But I used a flash.