When we moved into our house a couple years ago, we inherited a brush pile. It was big and it was ugly, and we should have made the former homeowners get rid of it before we took possession.

But we didn’t. And then we cut down 12 trees and made it worse.

Now it’s just a huge eyesore.

We intend to chip it in a few weeks now that everything is dry, but it’s still super embarrassing. Especially considering its about the size of Noah’s Ark.

Oh, and this is the side view. I couldn’t back up enough to get the whole thing in the shot, so just imagine its of epic proportion and you’ll be spot on.

As the spring and summer progress, we intend to chip The Pile and put it around trees and as the base for the playground Ana doesn’t yet have.

Frankly I don’t care what we do with it, just so long as The Pile is GONE. hehe.

So embarrassing.

Anyways, we got a burn barrel so we can burn twigs and sticks that fall weekly, and we don’t start this Pile nonsense once again in the fall when there is no more Pile to throw sticks on.


Joey spent the rest of the day burning twigs and our Christmas tree. I have to say, the Christmas tree was super dramatic. It burned super hot and Analie watched it in a daze and said “wow…wow…wow…”

It was really cute.

Good news: The Pile has shrunk. Bad news: you can’t tell yet.