It’s no secret Analie is a slow mover. (A trait we hope she holds on to when it comes time for her to start dating.) She’s been taking her sweet time with the whole walking/standing thing. Sure, she’ll do it if we’re holding on to her, but PLEASE DON’T LET GO MOMMY. I MIGHT DIE.

On Sunday evening, after a hike at Marott Park, girlfriend climbed her way up me, had her hands on my shoulders and nose up in my face (so sweet!) and suddenly stood up straight and let go of my shoulder. She squealed with delight as she stood there, barefoot in the grass, and then fell over on to me.

Then she tried again.

And again.

I almost fainted.

Within five minutes, she was trying to stand on her own from a sitting position.  The look of joyous accomplishment on her face was just so overwhelming.  I usually try to avoid getting all cheesy-cakes and verbally emotional if it’s possible, but YOU GUYS.  One look at that face and I was a sobbing mess.  For like twenty minutes.

Because as I was watching her shriek with joy at standing up, my imagination was in fast forward overdrive and her taking her first step down the aisle in a white dress.  IT ALL MOVES SO FAST.  (Yes, even when your kid is just about 1 year behind at standing on her own.)

I can’t get over the wonder on her face.  Actually, I hope I never do.

First you get on your knees...

Then you straighten your legs and hold your arms out for balance!

Straighten one leg, then the other...

I'm standing tall, guys! I DID IT!!!!

AAAUGH! I'm starting to fall backwards!

Giggle-filled crash landing!