Tonight we took Ana to Holliday Park and went creek stomping.  I expected her to like it enough to get her feet wet, but not be too keen on walking much in the moving water.  Because when we took her to the lake on vacation last month that went SO WELL.  (My sarcasm is dripping off your computer monitor right now, grab a tissue and mop it up before it fries your keyboard.)

But back on topic, Analie loved the water.


And just as we were about to leave, she started crawling through the shallows toward Joey, who was on the river bank.  I kinda thought about picking her up, but she didn’t seem bothered by how high the water was getting.

Girlfriend was a hot mess by the time we got to the other side, and even worse once she smeared herself all over the bank and covered herself in mud.  Good thing I planned ahead and packed an extra outfit and diaper.  OH WAIT – you just caught me fibbing to make myself sound like Supermom.  I had nothing at all with me except bug spray.  (Take that, Supermom.)

So we stripped her down and walked a naked, muddy, happy baby back to the car.

But back to Oregon trail…

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