I have a weird creeping virus. The kind that makes you tired and your throat sore and head swirly.

I’ve been laying on my couch since 12:30 doing absolutely nothing while Ana naps. I feel LEGIT GUILTY, too, after Joey preached that stirring sermon last week on laziness, too. I am such a bum.

I hope this laying around chases off whatever germs I have been hosting. Tomorrow is going to be exciting around here. A tree service is coming to cut down the Becca C. Memorial Tree in our front yard.

Yes, everyone, THAT tree.

The one people almost back into every time they try to leave our driveway.

Or, in some cases, actually DO back in to.

I’m just hoping the tree choppers don’t wake Ana up tomorrow. The tree is very near her window and the tree man is coming right during sacred naptime.

If the worst happens and she abdicates her nap in favor of watching the tree come down, I can only hope I’m over the sickness by then.