Are you ready for this?

(Heck. Am I ready for this? My brain just exploded.)

The list is done.

I will be posting weekly updates to my progress on…I don’t know…let’s say Tuesdays. FOR A WHOLE YEAR.

I divided my goals into three subcategories. I wanted to find 10 fun things, 10 challenging things, and 10 personally enriching things. I didn’t want it to be all easy, goofy stuff because I really want to push myself to be consistent. (How can I teach my daughter to be disciplined enough to do hard things if I’m not setting a positive example for her?)

Some of you who live in Indy may get roped in to doing some of these with me for either support, or just for fun. Because you are my friends and I like you and you are fun. Otherwise we wouldn’t be friends. And if we weren’t friends, probably I would be hiding from you.

So get excited.

You’re about to watch me go insane for an entire year.

And somebody strike up a drumroll. Because without further ado, here is The List.


1. Try 30 new recipes

2. Go on a 30 hr hike/backpack trip with Joey

3. Join a community choir for at least 30 days and participate in a performance series

4. Participate in the spelling bee at Old Threshers, stay in 30 minutes

5. Log 30 new birds

6. Test drive a $30,000 car (And I really hope it can be a Fiat. They look fun.)

7. Send 30 handwritten notes in the mail

8. Make 30 REAL, LEGIT tamales

9. Have 30 people over for dinner at once

10. Watch the Friends episode “The One Where They All Turn 30″



11. Lose 30 lbs

12. Take a 30 mile solo bike ride in one day

13. Eat 30 Caviar eggs

14. Take cold showers every morning for 30 days

15. Take no more than 30 minutes to face my fear of touching the deep end in a pool

16. Donate plasma/blood 30 times (if it goes well and I don’t pass out)

17. Find 30 recipes using spam as the main dish. Choose one. Make it for dinner. And eat it.

18. Give up Pepsi for 30 continuous days

19. Go to the top of a high observation tower. Stay up there 30 minutes.

20. Give up all sweets for 30 days in a row


Personal Enrichment

21. Enter (and walk) 30 miles of races, the Mini being one of them

22. Fast for 30 days (not continuous)

23. Read 30 new books in varying genres

24. Take a 30 minute walk or bike ride EVERY SINGLE DAY

25. Watch 30 documentaries on a variety of topics

26. Go on a 30 hour silence retreat

27. Memorize and recall 30 verses

28. Explore 30 new places in Indianapolis/Indiana

29. Watch 30 classic movies

30. Eat only vegetarian for 30 days in a row