On Monday I found what appeared to be a recently deceased mouse in a bucket in the garage. I’m not sure what made me think that it was freshly dead other than the fact that a fly was sitting on it. And everyone knows that flies only sit on animals that have been dead for less than 3 days.

So the mouse. It was dead and I found it. You know what I did?


You’re right. I just left it there.

Heck if I’m gonna pick up a dead mouse with a fly on it.

I forgot about the mouse after this happened. Well, except the other several times I saw it. But the key here is that I forgot about the mouse.

Because on Thursday, when Joey said “I think something died in the garage because it smells awful in there. I need to empty the stuff out and find it”, it did not go well for me when I froze and sheepishly said “…about that…I found the mouse on Monday.”

Joey’s eyes grew like saucers and he hollered “YOU JUST LEFT IT THERE?”

Yes. Yes I did. Because remember the part about Heck if I’m gonna pick up a dead mouse with a fly on it.

Today I broke the window in the garage because I thought the door was locked.


OH. But guess what lesson I learned!! I learned to TRY THE DOOR before breaking the window.

Because the door was unlocked.

Anyway, as I was sweeping up the broken glass I felt like I should do Joey a solid and take care of the mouse. That was still in the bucket. (Please note that HE didn’t run to take care of it either once he learned of its existence.)

I cleaned up the glass and got my garden trowel to deal with the mouse. I threw it in the trash bag with the glass, and then that is when the mouse rolled over and OH. MY. GOSH. The entire mouse was filled with MAGGOTS.

I wanted to diiiiiie.

(But maggots. So no. I’m gonna steer clear of that.)