Analie loves bicycles.  She wants one more than she wants to grow up to be 2.  She knows which bike is Joey’s and which bike is mine, and every time we go into the garage she points and  yells, “Mama bike!  Daddy bike!  Ride, pees!”

We’re in Iowa visiting family this week, and when we got to Joey’s parents house, Grandma had a trike for Ana.  A generous friend had passed it on to her, and guess who gets to take the trike home with them when they go back to Indy?

We HAD planned to go to the zoo in Des Moines today, but it’s probably going to be a hundred bazillion degrees this afternoon, and we didn’t want to all melt.  So we decided to stay around Monroe and walk up to the park to do slides.  Since we didn’t bring our stroller, Joey pushed Ana on her new trike all the way to the park.

You guys.  Girlfriend thought she had died and gone to heaven.

And the park was pretty fun, too.


We did slides for awhile, and headed back home just in time for lunch.  Ana decided to get fancy and start steering her trike into the curb, and Joey was pushing her at a slightly more advanced speed than perhaps she is ready for.  As he overcorrected her crazy steering, and the trike tipped up on one front wheel.

In that moment, I saw Ana’s entire life flash before her eyes.

Because it was obvious to me that she was about to bite it and fall off her bike into the street.  And my inner sinner came roaring out of me and started dancing its nasty voodoo dance all over North Street as I yelled “JOEY!!  BE. CAREFUL.”

Just as I yelled that, Ana went flying over the handlebars and into the gravel on the side of the road, crying as though she had broken the part of her soul where her ability to have fun is kept.  Joey picked her up, carefully brushed her off, and plopped her back on her trike.  Nothing broken, nothing bleeding.  She smiled happily, and they continued down the street.

“Sorry for yelling at you,” I said to Joey.

And he was all, “It’s OK.”

I don’t even think Ana remembers that she fell off the trike.  She’s just so proud of herself now that she has her very own bike.