My sister challenged me to explore 30 new places in Indy or Indiana this year. Well, GAME ON! I’ve been bummed that we haven’t had a chance to get started on this yet, so Sunday I cleaned the house instead of waiting until this morning. Because my plan was to take Ana and get our CRAZY all up in Indianapolis’s business.

We found a buddy who could meet us, and we decided to go to the Children’s Garden at Coxhall Gardens.


Guess what?? IT WAS AWESOME!

I would tell you all to go there, but then it would be overrun with people and one if its charms is that it is so quiet! (So only like two of you go there.)

I’m already eager to go back. My friend Tina says its a great park in the spring and fall because in the summer it is too hot. There isn’t much shade in the Children’s Garden, which is a bummer, so it could probably be a real scorcher. BUT the playhouses and sand moat around the island make it totally worth it.

I love Indy! Can’t wait to see 29 more awesome places.