One of my science professors in college worked on the Manhattan Project (true story), so when I saw this title on Netflix I felt like I needed to watch it. Kind of to pay honor to my poor science professor who, surely, thought I was a waste of a chair in his class. (It’s not that I didn’t care, it’s that I didn’t understand what the heck he was talking about and masked it as not caring. I’m older now, and more mature, and can identify this about myself.)

I’ll be honest. I didn’t totally connect with all the diagrams of atoms trying to get through porous barriers and whatever. I prefer human interest type of documentaries, I think, and less sciencey ones.

But I watched the entire thing!

Ugh. And it was depressing! I have bouts of pacifism/anti nukes/flower child from time to time, and this film just kind of got my dander up. I can’t handle the fact that the targets were cities instead of a military installations. I feel like that was ethically questionable and that so many innocent people died.

But before I keep going, I should land this plane. Nobody cares about that yammering.

I think my next documentary will be Forks Over Knives. Have ya seen it??