On the way home from Chi-town we stopped at Fair Oaks Farm for dinner and to blow off some steam. Some friends had told us it was worth it, and we totally agree now.

It is kind of expensive, but we got in on a reduced price day since it is the off season. Score! Once inside we saw a kind of creepy 3/4D film about the process and got sprayed with water and air several times. (Guess who didn’t love that part.)

After the film we blitzed out to the calving barn and saw a baby calf born!




Like, one of the top 5 things I’ve ever seen in my life.

Then we took a bus tour of one of the barns, including a milking parlor. The bus tour alone was worth the price of admission, I thought. (But then, we weren’t paying admission for 4 kids including ourselves. That gets steep.)

It was the coolest milking parlor I’ve seen though. The cows get to take a fun carousel ride!

If the weather had been nicer there was an outdoor jumping pillow to get crazy on. Ana would have loved that. Maybe next time!

Gotta say. Indiana is awesome.