Like three weeks ago, my friend Angel said “September 28th. Reserve it.” And so I did. But she wouldn’t tell me what we were doing.

I didn’t figure out what was going on through the entire car ride, not until we walked into Sunny’s Chinese Kitchen and sat down at her table with five people I had never seen before in the whole course of my life.

Guess what it was. Guessguessguess.

It was a Chinese cooking demonstration and dinner party! I never would have thought of such a thing, which is why I couldn’t figure out what we were doing no matter how hard I tried. (The last guess I had as we were walking up to the front door was that Angel had dragged me to a Scentsy party. But I was glad I was wrong. So glad.)

The first thing we were served was potstickers. They were so delish, and the sauce that was served with them made my salt sensors in my tongue dance around with happies.

Potstickers. For me.

We also had hot and sour soup, and I ate all the tofu and those black squiggly things. I started to eat around them, but Angel gave me The Look, which I have learned means Eat It Now. Incidentally, neither tofu nor the black squiggly thing tasted bad or unusual to me in any way. I will probably continue to eat them going forward.

Sunny then demonstrated chicken lettuce wraps (WHAAAAT??? SO TASTY!!) and made sweet and sour tilapia while we socialized with the people at our table.

Sometimes random people make me giggle.

As we finished the last of the lettuce wraps and tilapia, Sunny began demonstrating how we were going to roll out the doughs for the potstickers we were going to assemble. She made the dough by hand!

First we rolled them out.


Then we spooned some of the pork filling into the rounds and pinched them closed. They were supposed to look all nice and half moon shaped.

Mine? Looked like defective empanadas.


Sunny had us fry our best contributions to eat right away, but we were getting so full by then because of the dessert moon pies (not the Texas kind) we had all been eating.

My best potsticker I rolled like an egg roll. Because I gave up on the half moon shape.

I saved this potsticker and brought it back for Joey, who inhaled it.

Everyone likes potstickers. They are the great culinary equalizer. Them and Pepsi.

Sunny does cooking demos and dinner parties like we went to, if you are interested you should check out her website!

It as super fun. You will love it.

One and a half words: potstickers