So there is this weird thing I’ve been noticing about the Internet and kids.

Someday soon our kids will be able to go back and see all the pictures we mommy bloggers posted, and read all the snarky statuses we put on Facebook when they make us crazy, and they will have access to all the rants we made on our blogs, not realizing that the subjects of the rants might read them someday.

That’s why, about a year ago, I really backed off on the Ana information. I’m OK with posting pictures, and little updates about what she’s doing now, but I don’t ever want to post something about her that will someday break her heart, or embarrass her to death, or cause her to feel like she was an inconvenience to me.

And that’s also why you don’t find much Ana info on this blog. I’m trying to respect her privacy, even though she isn’t old enough to know what that is yet.

When she does discover her digital footprint in ten years, I hope she sees posts about how awesome she is, how much fun we have together, and how apart of our lives she has become.

I love my little girl. Even when she cuts teeth (nom nom nom!) or throws up all over her bed (true!) or dumps out every single toy we own (exploration!).

Tell me! How do YOU filter yourself online?