Confession: I think polygamy is weird.

Oh, you do too? Then totally read this book. It’s about an offshoot of the LDS church that moved to Colonia LeBaron Mexico when polygamy became illegal in the US. (Actually there was a colony there even before polygamy was illegal, it just grew a quickly after.)

The author of the book was raised in the colony and became the sixth wife of Verlan Lebaron when she was only 15 years old. Her husband was a leader in the church, his older brother Joel was considered the divine prophet, and he had another brother named Ervil (weirdest name ever) who was just a murderous jerkface.

All these guys had a bunch of wives and dozens of children.

This was the weirdest, saddest brainwashing story I’ve ever read. Each page got odder, and the more I read the more I could NOT believe that so many people thought that this way of life was a good idea. The author’s husband had so many wives that her weekly allowance for food and fuel (and anything else!) was $8.00. Less if the paycheck was smaller. Her husband didn’t live with her, he rotated houses when he was in town, which wasn’t very often, so she couldn’t get more money if she needed to take a sick child to the doctor, for example.

(Speaking of sick children: Ana is fine and Joey has the stomach flu. Pretty sure I’m next. I feel Sketch.)

This book was a pretty quick read, written almost in the style of a novel.

Except…it’s true.