I’m trying to read a wide variety of books this year, and a friend suggested Born On A Blue Day which is a memoir of Daniel Tammet, an autistic savant.

The book starts out totally fascinating as Daniel recounts his earliest memories and how he knew he was a little different than his siblings but wasn’t quite sure how. From an early age he was obsessed with numbers and counting, and he is one of the rare people who can see colors and shapes when they think of words or numbers.

Daniel describes how the beauty of numbers make him feel, and how it has taught him to identify and relate with the feelings of others. Fascinating stuff.

When Daniel was in elementary school he had seizures, which he and his doctors suspect may have given him savant abilities. Daniel has memorized 22,000 digits of Pi and holds the world record for doing it.

He is also a linguistic genius and was able to learn Icelandic in a week (A WEEK!!) with full comprehension and ability to converse.

The second half of the book, where he was going into more of the linguistic stuff, got a little dry. So I admit to a bit of skimming. But overall this book impressed me. What an amazing guy.