The previous owners of our house were into the country/Americana look. We are not. (But if you are, don’t worry. I still like you.)

We’ve spent the last couple years painting and brightening up the house, with the goal of a natural, cool color palette.

But there was that fireplace. That big, bold, rustic, BRASS ACCENTED (shivers) fireplace.


I realize that hating my fireplace is a first world problem. But we had all the paint in the garage and it didn’t require a trip to the store.

We spray painted the brass first, which was stupid. Shoulda done that last.

Then we started the whitewashing. And I started hating it.

Like really bad.

My morale got worse the more we painted.


It looked pink.


I realize its October and pink is everywhere, but not on my fireplace.

We finished the project even though I was getting grouchier by the minute, and actually once we put things back up it wasn’t so pink anymore.


On the upside, I feel like whitewashing the brick with the same color that we already have on the mantle and crown moulding made the fireplace blend in to the room, which isn’t huge to begin with. The downside is that it might be pink.

I’ve given myself a week to make up my mind.