Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to go to the Flowing Well park in Carmel. My grandparents lived a mile or so away from it for about 25 years, and every single time we would drive past I would glance at the clock to see if we had enough time to stop. But I didn’t want to throw off the schedule so I never said anything.

And I probably should have just ASKED to stop one of those hundreds of times we drove past, because I imagine we would have.

Today is a beautiful day. Like, LEGIT BEAUTIFUL. I had planned to go to the park tomorrow, but there is a large chance of rain. So since it is Joey’s day off, we all decided to come today! I wanted to bring him anyway, since it’s something I’ve been wanting to go to for years.

First thing on our list: drink the water.



Ana thought this part was amazing, which came as no surprise to me.

Joey and I read all the signs about the artesian well, while Ana tugged on our arms and asked for “more water please?” Joey and I kinda thought the water tasted like Yellowstone National Park, so we only took one sip each.

We walked on the trails back in along the creek bed for a ways, and we saw lots of woodpeckers and other migrating birds. Ana collected leaves as big as her head and happily stumbled her way along the rocky path, jabbering about who knows what.


Then Joey taught her how to throw rocks in the creek. Game over. She was filling her fists with rocks and toddling over to get help throwing them in the water.

So it was just as well that we had to leave.

Exploring by myself is fun, but exploring as a family is more funner.