I don’t laugh when I read. I just don’t. (It’s because I have no sense of humor whatsoever.)

Stuff Christians Like is kind of a brilliant CHRISTIANS! LAUGH AT YOURSELVES satire that has rocked my world this week.

You guys. It’s legit hilarious.

Not only is the writing funny, homeslice is a genius at identifying hilarious things that we Christians totally DO like.

An example of several of the essays in the book:

  • Judging Fundamentalists For Being Judgmental
  • Hating On Megachurches
  • Being Slightly Less Nice Than Mormons
  • Occasionally Swearing
  • That Guy Who Can Always Find The Bible Verse That Says The Opposite Of Yours
  • Suddenly Realizing You Own 14 Bibles
  • The Smell Of Old Hymnals
  • Throwing The Devil Under The Bus For Everything

Get this book. Read it. Don’t take it too seriously. (Or yourself, for that matter.) Our Christian subculture really does have some things worth laughing about.