So maybe you heard we were in the ER exam room last night, with a sobby, hyperventilating child.  She was such a champ, the Child Life specialist brought in some blocks for Ana to play with (and, I think, to evaluate us to make sure we weren’t abusing her since her elbow was dislocated.)  They were all colorful with shapes and animals and numbers on them.

Within 30 seconds, Joey had Ana identifying the numbers she saw (all correctly!), the colors of the blocks, and the animals on the sides.  And saying some of her ABCs.

The Child Life specialist just kind of looked at Ana with googley eyes and said, “Wow.  She’s really smart.”

We knew that, of course.

When the doctor came in a few minutes later, she said “I hear this is one smart kid.”

I know, I know; I’m sure the Child Life specialist told the doctor to say that just so we would feel better.  But it totally worked.