I had never heard of The Rhythm Discovery Center until like 10:00 last night. Ana and I were already bored thinking about Monday morning because we didn’t have any plans today, so we jumped at the opportunity to go with Maddie this morning.

The Rhythm Discovery Center is down by the Artsgarden, and its pretty much a hands on percussion museum. At first I thought it was going to be lame, because it’s so dark when you first walk in, and the first drums for you to try are LOUD.

The girls were terrified. Especially Maddie. It took them white awhile to warm up to the loud noises, but within ten minutes they were squealing and beating the living day lights out of the drums in the drum circle.





Around the corner from the drum circle was a room filled with about 50 different percussion instruments, AND two soundproof rooms. One had a xylophone in it and the other had…a drum set. A real live drum set.





I got a video in the drum room, but watch at your own risk. Girlfriend hits those drums hard.

After an hour and a half, Ana suddenly started looking very tired. Then she said “Mama, I get in stroller.” Which I took as her cue for us to leave.


We had lots of fun, she ate a huge lunch, and now she’s down for the count. Time for me to finish cleaning the house and wrap Christmas gifts for Ana!