After Ana’s bath tonight she asked for me to put her hooded towel back on her head, like a cape.

“I old lady,” she said.

Old lady??!? I thought. And then I realized that she meant the evil queen dressed as an apple peddler from Snow White. I let her watch it last week, and halfway through that scary scene I questioned my judgement. So I hit fast forward (or whatever you call skipping forward on a Blu-Ray) and perked my voice up and talked about “the old lady, Ana!”

She didn’t seem to remember it at all, or talk about it. Until tonight when she told me she looked like the “old lady”.

But then she started walking down the hall, and it cracked me up. As you can see below.

Joey says she looks like a Jawa. I do not know what that is. But if he says so, then it is so.