We noticed on Facebook that some of our friends from Texas were up in Kokomo visiting their families, so we lined up lunch on Thursday. And we left Indianapolis a little early, so as we were driving up and notices road signs for The Flying Ostrich Antique shop, I told Joey we had to stop there since we had time to kill.

I had also spilled coffee on my shirt and was hoping to wash it out before we saw our friends.

So we diverted to old Main Street.


Did you know that Kokomo is called Stop Light City?

It is. They are everywhere. Like rabbits.

Once inside the antique shop, I washed the coffee out of my shirt and Joey browsed vintage Pepsi items.


Ana was told not to touch ANYTHING.

We didn’t stay too long, though, because we needed to meet our friends at 11:00. So we loaded back into the RAV and passed the new (and creepy) mantis statue outside the Subway that isn’t open yet.


(It’s there, you just have to look closely.)

We had a SUPER nice time with our friends, and the 2 hours went by far too quickly. Before we left town, they told us we had to stop and see Old Ben, the largest stuffed steer on record.


Old Ben was a hoss. (In the most bovine sense of the word.) He was 4,720 lbs when he died, and like 6 feet tall at the shoulder. Huge. Huge.


Next to Old Ben was a gargantuan Sycamore tree stump enshrined in a building covered in windows so it was totally visible. I’m not sure what its story is because I was too cold to stand there and read the sign. But at least the dead tree was warm and inside, even if I had to be outside to look at it.

I snapped a quick picture of a covered bridge on our way out of town, and now I feel like a regular Kokomo native.