I was at the library last month when this book jumped off the shelf at me. I somehow didn’t know it existed, even though I had read Julie & Julia several years ago. (It’s rubbish. Don’t both.)

This memoir took me a month to read, though, because I had to read it so slowly. I didn’t want to miss a single word because it was like Julia Child herself was sitting in my living room and we were chatting about her memories.

And seriously? What an inspiring lady! She was awesome before she moved to France, but once there it was like her personality bloomed when she found her purpose. She was 37 when she took her first class at the Cordon Bleu. 37!!! (THIS MEANS I STILL HAVE TIME TO BECOME AMAZING!)

I loved reading about what a team Julia and her husband Paul were. They were so cute.

Mastering the Art of French Cooking was truly ahead of its time, or maybe it started The Time?, and I didn’t realize how much work they had put into it. Ten years!! I don’t know if I could have that much patience.

She included a lot of the backstory of her relationship with the other two authors. It really got tense by the end! I can’t imagine the stress it must have caused.

I loved this book. Loved. Loved loved loved.

And I wish I hadn’t finished it because now it’s done.