Yesterday on NPR I heard a 5 second blurb about the Mayor’s Polar Bear Pedal downtown at 9am on Saturday morning. And suddenly our Saturday morning was free,
so I asked Joey if he thought we could swing it.

He said yes.

So this morning we loaded up our bikes, layered up our bodies, and drove downtown to the City Market building.

There were over 1,000 people registered, and bikes were EVERYWHERE.


And did I mention it was below freezing?? It was. Also, Ana was the only baby.


She was double layered and ensconced in blankets. The plastic cover came down over the Burley to keep the wind out, and she wound up getting so warm in there she fell asleep. Lucky duck.

We saw a polar bear, which Ana was not impressed with. At all.


At 10:00, we were all queued up on Washington. Then, FINALLY, we were off.


May I just say that riding 10 miles in subfreezing temperatures feels more like 15 miles uphill? Holy cow. The ride was AMAZING and fun, but I was so sore!

Here is the route we took.


It looks long because it was.

It took about an hour to complete the ride, and we were at the back of the pack. In fact, at one point I was fourth from the end. So depressing. But then somehow we regained ground and got to the middle of the last pack instead of the end of it. That felt a little better.

At 11:00 we loaded our bikes back on our car and then went back to the City Market building. We checked out the Artisans Market first, and shared a pretzel and popcorn samples.


At the Winter Farmers Market, we sampled lots of cheese and bought salsa and wild Alaskan salmon. We browsed around for awhile, because everything was so fun to look at!




We ran into the Mayor. He was easy to spot in his Coca Cola sweats. No joke.


We finished up with lunch at Punchburger. Isn’t this a happy face?