So, Ana got her binky back for naptimes.

I know some of you put your judgy pants on just now. It’s OK. I can roll.

It’s totally lame that we backtracked on the binky, but girlfriend wasn’t taking a nap AT ALL, and before we had taken away her binky she had been sleeping 3 hours on average.

Let me just say that dropping a nap like that cold turkey made us ALL insane.

Oh, and she had switched to sucking her thumb. (Danger. Danger.) We figured by letting her have it at naptime, but never bedtime, the binky will eventually go away on its own when she drops her nap. And she does fine at night with no binky, so it appears to be working.

But in the midst of all the drama with trying to figure out what to do about binky, I cut the end off of Pink Binky (she named them according to their color.)

It was a huge mistake. Not ONLY did she not get to have a binky, but Mama gave her a BROKEN BINKY TO ONLY HOLD??!? The humanity!!!!

She still talks about Pink Binky.

Today after we left Target, Ana asked “Get Pink Binky, take in store and fix?”

I told her we couldn’t buy any new Pink Binkies.

She paused. “Pink Binky get cast on?”