I worked hard this week. I watched so much TV my eyes are permanently crossed. Before I started this project, I wasn’t interested in documentaries. If I was going to watch a movie, I wanted it to be something to remove me from reality, not plunge me further into it. I can now say that I love documentaries. I love watching them, and I love listening to them on the radio. (Old skool.)

This week, I watched (get ready for this, it’s a LOT):

  • Inside the Vatican, which was fascinating because of the Pope’s abdication and the fact that I know next to nothing about Catholicism.
  • Solitary Confinement, which is (not surprisingly) about solitary confinement units in prisons
  • Man On Wire, about the INSANE man who tightrope walked between the Twin Towers in the 70s. INSANE MAN.
  • Undefeated, a story about a football team at a low income school in Tennessee, and the coach who wants to teach the boys to become men.
  • Forgiving Dr. Mengele, which I cannot universally recommend because the first 20 minutes are devastatingly difficult to watch. But it was an intriguing and thought provoking film. I have so much respect for Eva Kor.
  • Sound and Fury, about the debate surrounding cochlear implants
  • Appalachian Trail, if I was a still in college and a hippy, I would throw it all away and buy a pack and hike this trail start to finish.

I also watched a few classic films. Trust me when I say I will be glad to not feel like I “have” to watch this much TV. Oy.

  • Charlie Chan’s The Chinese Cat – which…has anyone seen this? It’s the weirdest movie ever.
  • The Conversation – AMAZING!!! I loved this one!!
  • The Odd Couple – this is on in the background this afternoon while I get some couch work (read: reconcile bank accounts) done. This movie is AWKWARD AWKWARD AWKWARD. I don’t care for it. At all.

Other than those bazillion movies, here is the rest of my update.

1. Lose 30 lbs

3 down. (I’m not weighing myself this month because I’m doing My Fitness Pal and counting calories like a boss.)

2. Enter and walk or bike in 30 miles of races, the Mini being one of them

10 miles down. 20 to go.

3. Go to the gym every day for 30 days (with the exception of Wednesdays, because on Wednesdays it is totally impossible for me.)

6 out of 30

4. Fast 30 days

5 out of 30 done!

5. Try 30 new recipes
6. Read 30 new books

17 out of 30

7. Eat 30 Caviar eggs
8. Find 30 geocaches with Joey

16 out of 30 found

9. Participate in the spelling bee at Old Threshers, stay in 30 minutes
10. Log 30 new birds

26 out of 30!

11. Test drive a $30,000 car (fiat?)
12. Take cold showers every morning for 30 days

13. Take no more than 30 minutes to face my fear of touching the deep end in a pool.
14. Try 30 new foods that stretch my taste palate.

24 out of 30

15. Find 30 recipes using spam as the main dish. Choose one. And eat it.
16. Give up Pepsi for 30 days
17. Go to the top of a high observation tower. Stay up there 30 minutes

18. Go on a 30 hr hike/backpack trip with Joey
19. Send 30 handwritten notes in the mail

20. Log 30 SEQUENTIAL days of food journaling on My Fitness Pal

19 out of 30

21. Watch 30 documentaries on varying topics


22. Make 30 tamales
23. Have 30 people over for dinner at once
24. Watch the Friends episode “The One Where They All Turn 30″
25. Give up all sweets for 30 days

26. Go on a 30 hour silence retreat

27. Memorize 30 verses

5 out of 30

28. Explore 30 new places in Indianapolis/Indiana

23 out of 30

29. Watch 30 classic movies

17 out of 30

30. Go veggie for 30 days!