We’re in Michigan today, Joey and I, and this morning he reminded me that he needed to do a couple hours of work time this morning. So I was on my own.

I can roll with being on my own. I’m an “I” on the Meyers Briggs scale.

So I bundled up and walked down the bluff and over to the pier that juts out into Lake Michigan.

First of all, it was COLD. But I was going numb so it wasn’t bothering me too bad.


On the pier were about 50 fishermen. I stood at the beginning of it trying to decide if it was stupid for me to walk out on a pier by myself with 50 fishermen. Then I decided that if one of them actually tried to mess with me, the other 49 would probably throw him into the lake.

I was totally correct.

All of the fishermen were really nice and helpful, explaining what they were fishing for and helping me identify different ducks. There was one guy who yelled after me that I was his good luck charm because I was the best looking thing he had seen all day, which was a little awkward. But I hollered back that his day could only go uphill from here, and good luck with the fishing.

Further down the pier was a weird ice sculpture, so I walked all the way to the end to check it out.

I stood there shooting iPhone pictures while the fishermen glanced sidelong at me like I was insane for not wearing a hat or gloves.

BUT I did identify, with the help of a nice fatherly gentleman in Advantage camouflage, four new ducks. Which put me over my total for 30 new birds. JACKPOT.

Then I headed back because I was frozen to the core.

In case you’re curious, here is the list of new birds I have identified since August.

1. American Bittern
2. Great Blue Heron
3. Belted Kingfisher
4. Spotted Sandpiper
5. Mute Swan
6. Red Shouldered Hawk
7. Northern Mockingbird
8. Great Egret
9. Black Vulture
10. Ruby crowned kinglet
11. Wild Turkey
12. Pine Siskin
13. Cooper’s Hawk
14. Eurasian Collared Dove
15. Dunlin
16. Forster’s Tern
17. Least Sandpiper
18. Ruddy Turnstone
19. Sanderling
20. Great White Heron
21. Black Skimmer
22. Peregrine Falcon
23. White Throated Sparrow
24. Song Sparrow
25. Common Redpoll
26. Great Gray Owl
27. American Tree Sparrow
28. American Kestrel
29. Hooded Merganser
30. Bufflehead