Updated periodically…

Joey – my ridiculously hot and awesome husband whom I love more than Pepsi and chocolate…combined

The Brother - I pretty much made this blog for him, but I don’t think he’ll ever use it

Sister – my Sister through thick ‘n thin

The Kid – loser younger brother

Jess – this sister in law, married to The Kid, is even more accident prone than Joey if you can imagine

Stephen – we call him Pumpkin at home

Katie – she rocks the bangs and we lead small group together

Kristen – she has a cute baby and we grew up together in good old IA

Bianca – this lady can run farther than I ride my bike

Laura S- we got really sunburned that one time, and that other time we ate too much candy

Becca – a general rockstar

Karen – she has four kids and she’s a pastor’s wife

Joe – he was a pastor at my home church, now he lives in Illinois

Laura W – she likes to make me think

Shannon – she’s a new blogosphere friend

Christie – like, the coolest cousin ever

Emily – we went to That School together

Janna – Sneaky Bird = Indy Bakers…just think about it for awhile

Krista – a very joyful friend of mine

M.A. Smith – funtimes anonymous blog

Zygotta – she has PCOS and recently got pregnant; can you dig it?!

Julie – we went to church together waaaay back in Iowa

Melinda – youth ministry, Chicago, cool person

Jeanna – similar name, likes to cook, and has a random blog like I do!